The next era in software creation

Enjoy limitless coding requests under one straightforward monthly plan. Just share your designs with us, submit as many development requests as you wish, and watch as your dedicated team transforms your concepts into reality.

Transforming the landscape of software creation

Avoid the complexities of screening developers or navigating outsourcing challenges. Our model offers an alternative to traditional developer roles and expensive agencies through a straightforward monthly subscription for a whole team. Ideal for startups and enterprises alike.

Embrace the next generation of AI, Software, and Automation Development

Cut expenses

Eliminate the financial burden of employing costly or underqualified developers. Entrust us with the task of concentrating on development projects that promise high returns on investment, allowing you to dedicate your attention to growing your business.

Boost Efficiency

Overcome delays with faster project timelines and reduced meetings, enhancing your development workflow to achieve up to a fourfold increase in speed.

Enhance Quality Assurance

Guarantee superior development outcomes by reducing miscommunication and discrepancies with effective project management.


Ready to Build your own Software?

The traditional method of coding is often time-consuming, cumbersome, and resource-intensive. Flex Coders leverages the power of low-code development, allowing us to create MVPs more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Build Custom Solutions for your Business

Experience an unprecedented level of efficiency with streamlined processes like never before. Harness the potential of AI and Low-Code technology to transform your business with bespoke tools, task execution, automation, and more.

What we do best

We’ve transformed software development, making it not only accessible and efficient but also cost-effective. The traditional coding period has passed.

Discover the rapid progression of Low Code development, where projects are completed up to five times faster, and your initial task is finished within just 72 hours.

SAAS Development

Launch your own software venture! Our team transforms your initial wireframe designs into dynamic, easy-to-use applications, tailored to your specific project needs. Just provide us with your concept and project specifics, and observe as our developers turn your vision into reality.

Custom business solutions

Transform your business with bespoke solutions or by integrating your internal tools into a customized, unified dashboard. Create personalized systems, including CRMs and Business Management Tools, designed expressly for your needs. Enhance this further with our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Custom AI solutions and automations

Create bespoke AI and Automation solutions designed for your business. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to simplify routine tasks and revolutionize your processes across Sales, Lead Generation, Customer Support, and more. Our AI offerings seamlessly blend into the applications your business relies on every day, providing adaptability and coherence with your current infrastructure. This sets the foundation for intelligent, enhanced workflows.

Flexible contracts with no long-term commitments

Opt for the flexibility of a monthly subscription, which gives you the freedom to suspend your plan during quieter periods and resume it when the workload increases. This approach comes without the contracts or long-term commitments often demanded by traditional agencies.

How it works:

Schedule a consultation session
Let’s Discuss Your Business Needs… Arrange a Consultation Session with our team to dive deep into your business, discuss your project concept, and refine your vision. We’ll review your existing systems and outline practical steps forward, all while addressing any inquiries you may have regarding our services.
Sign Up & input your project information
Get Your Project Management Board Ready… After subscribing, proceed to populate your Trello board with your project specifics. This involves uploading design files, detailing the required functionality, and supplying all the pertinent details that will steer the development journey. Rest assured, we’ll assist you in organizing your project board effectively.
Create your project tasks

Setting Up Your Weekly Sprints and Tasks

We transform your project details into specific, actionable tasks for development. Your assigned developer will establish a weekly ‘Sprint’ schedule, organizing these tasks into a cycle that concludes at the week’s end. As each task is completed throughout the week, it will be flagged for review.

Request unlimited revisions

Once a task is reviewed mark it as complete…

We’re committed to refining each task until you’re entirely satisfied. Upon your approval of a task, we progress to the subsequent one, and with each new week, we initiate a fresh sprint filled with new tasks. Should any task from a prior sprint remain ‘in-progress,’ it seamlessly transitions into the upcoming sprint.

Monitor your project's advancement

Sit back and watch your project come to life….

Easily log in and oversee the progression of your project through Trello. Our process simplifies the task of reviewing work, requesting modifications, leaving comments, accessing links, and communicating fresh insights with your developer. Recognizing the dynamic nature of development requirements, we offer the flexibility to pause your subscription whenever you’re without tasks and resume it as soon as new ones arise.


SAAS Development

Develop your software application MVP faster than ever. Speed is your friend.


Artificial Intelligence

Develop Simple to Advanced AI Applications using Large Language Models.


Business Management

Develop your own custom internal business management application.


Custom CRM Systems

Develop CRM systems for your business tailored specifically to your clients. No More 3rd Party Apps.


Custom AI Chatbots

Build custom knowledge based AI chatbot systems that can be applied with a variety of use cases.


App Design (UI/UX)

Design beautiful UI/UX wireframes for your software application and branding assets.


Custom Websites

Create a unique and visually appealing website tailored to your brand.


Workflow Automation

Streamline your business processes by automating repetitive tasks and workflows with AI.


Mobile App Developement

Develop your mobile app faster than ever before. For iOS and Android.


API Integrations

We’ll help you integrate your software or system with almost any 3rd party application.

Web3 Development

Build on the blockchain using our web3 developers for smart contracts, token-gating, and more.


Software Maintenance

Let us take care of your Software upkeep, from bugs to changes, or even additional features.

Pricing plans

A Single Subscription, Endless Opportunities. Our pricing structure is designed for absolute transparency and simplicity.

With a straightforward, flat monthly fee, gain limitless entry to our Low Code software development services. Experience zero hidden costs and no extra charges. You possess complete autonomy to cancel or pause your subscription whenever you choose.

Benefit from unlimited requests, modifications, and tasks. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, ensuring our work continues until you are fully pleased with our software solutions.

Standard Plan

Single Developer / Single Sprint
3500 Monthly
  • 1 Active Sprint Per Week
  • Dedicated Developer
  • Unlimited Task Requests
  • Unlimited Revision Requests
  • Dedicated UI/UX Designer
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Bi-Weekly Development Meeting
  • Pause or cancel at any time

Double Time Plan

Double Developers /Double Sprints
6250 Monthly
  • 2 Active Sprints Per Week
  • 2 Dedicated Developers
  • Unlimited Task Requests
  • Unlimited Revision Requests
  • Dedicated UI/UX Designer
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Bi-Weekly Development Meeting
  • Pause or cancel at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

Flex Coders is the quintessential partner for both emerging entrepreneurs and established businesses of varying sizes, seeking to innovate or augment their operations through sophisticated software development and technology integration. We acknowledge the challenges associated with hiring full-time developers, including the exhaustive process of candidate evaluation, the financial implications, and the potential for skillset mismatches.

Rather than navigating these complexities, Flex Coders presents a streamlined and economically viable solution. We provide direct access to a broad network of developers, each rigorously pre-screened for their comprehensive skill sets and specialized expertise. This approach enables clients to access premium development resources without the financial commitment associated with full-time employment, thereby optimizing resource allocation.

Our sophisticated project management system further enhances efficiency, offering a seamless process for task initiation and progress tracking. Clients can easily define project requirements and monitor developments in real-time, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. Flex Coders is thus ideally positioned for businesses aiming to refine operational processes, enhance their digital infrastructure, and do so within a cost-effective framework. We take on the complexity of software development, allowing you to focus on strategic business growth.

That is a great question! Engaging a full-time senior developer incurs significant expenses, with average annual remunerations surpassing €100,000, not to mention the additional financial obligations related to benefits. The recruitment process is not only protracted but also presents its own set of challenges. Crucially, the demand for development work can vary, sometimes resulting in insufficient tasks to justify the employment of a full-time developer.

Opting for our subscription-based agency membership circumvents these issues. It affords you the economic efficiency of paying solely for the development efforts your projects require. This model provides the flexibility to adjust your subscription status in response to your evolving needs, thereby eliminating the economic inefficiencies associated with maintaining an underutilized full-time developer on your payroll.

Under our subscription model, there’s considerable flexibility in managing your development workload. You’re encouraged to add or modify as many tasks as necessary to your queue. Our process involves organizing these tasks into weekly “Sprints,” where a set of tasks is targeted for completion within that week. At the end of each week, a new Sprint is planned, incorporating the next series of tasks. Upon completion, each task enters a “Review” phase to ensure it meets your standards before we proceed.

It’s important to note that while task addition and modification are unrestricted, only one Project may be active at any given time under a single subscription. Following the completion of a Project, you have the opportunity to initiate a new Project within the scope of your existing subscription. Should you require the parallel development of multiple projects, acquiring additional subscriptions would be necessary.

The duration required to complete a development task hinges on its complexity. Typically, most task requests are fulfilled within a span of 24 to 72 hours. Nonetheless, tasks of greater complexity may necessitate a longer period for completion.

Your engagement with our service will often involve tracking weekly “Sprints,” a methodology wherein multiple prioritized tasks are aimed for completion within the week. Tasks not concluded by the end of a sprint are transferred to the subsequent week’s sprint.

How it works: An active project is broken down into vital building blocks called “tasks”. Multiple tasks are selected then compiled into a weekly sprint. A sprint represents 3-6 tasks that will be completed within the week. The number of tasks assigned to a sprint vary based on the difficulty and specificity of your request.

Project Duration Examples:

  • Large Projects (4-6 Months): Development of an extensive dashboard CRM combined with an AI Chatbot for enterprise use.
  • Medium Projects (2-4 Months): Creation of a SAAS platform offering copywriters a sophisticated AI text editor.
  • Small Projects (1-2 Months): Implementation of a basic AI Chatbot System.


Our team is committed to delivering work of exceptional quality and will maintain communication with you regarding the progress of your project through each phase of development.

Your contentment is paramount to us. Should the delivered software solution not meet your expectations, rest assured that we are committed to refining and adjusting it until it aligns perfectly with your satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely pleased with the final outcome.

We understand that your development needs may vary month to month. If you find yourself not requiring any work for a certain period, you have the option to temporarily pause your subscription. You can then easily resume your subscription whenever you’re ready to utilize our services once more. Rest assured, there are no penalties or extra charges associated with pausing your subscription.

In light of the premium quality of our services, we do not issue refunds once a Task has been activated and work has commenced.


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